As a working mother of two, Dr. Graw knows what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, and to have concerns about your face and body. Under-eye filler, an injection of hyaluronic acid in the under-eye area, can be a wonderful option when makeup is not enough to resolve discoloration or age-related facial fat loss.

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Benefits of under-eye filler

Under-eye filler can be a great “bang for your buck” option when you want to look and feel youthful and refreshed. In the Graw Beauty team’s capable hands, you can expect under-eye filler to:

  • Brighten your under-eye area for a more youthful look
  • Create a smooth transition from beneath the eyes to the upper cheeks
  • Immediate, natural-looking results

Many patients report that, after treatment, they don’t need to use as much makeup to look rested and glowing—high praise for a simple procedure!

Is under-eye filler the same as BOTOX?

No. While most facial rejuvenation treatments aim to leave you with fresher, brighter skin, they are not all the same! The primary difference between under-eye fillers and BOTOX is that fillers will help you address volume loss, while BOTOX is injected to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. These two injectables may be used together for a more comprehensive and balanced treatment.

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What is an under-eye filler treatment like?

An under-eye filler treatment is an in-office treatment that usually takes about 15 to 30 minutes in total. The Graw Beauty team will apply a topical anesthetic to ensure that you are comfortable during your treatment, and the injection itself uses a very small needle that may create a sense of pressure. Post-treatment, some swelling and bruising may be present,  typically disappearing in about a week.

How long does under-eye filler last?

While everybody is different, it is likely that you can expect to return for another rejuvenating under-eye filler about one year after your initial appointment with the Graw Beauty team at their Palo Alto clinic. When you come in for your initial consultation at Graw Beauty in Palo Alto, the team will make sure to be in line with your aesthetic goals! 

How do I prepare for aftercare?

You can expect an easy, straightforward recovery. 

After your under-eye filler treatment, the Graw Beauty team recommends that you apply cold compresses to your eyes and avoid any activities that could trigger bleeding or bruising. Keep your head elevated to help decrease swelling and speed your recovery process. 

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