She uses her consummate expertise in breast correction along with her innate feminine intuition for aesthetics to deliver a result you were hoping for the first time around.

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Breast Revision

Breast revision surgery is a customized procedure to replace older implants with new implants, or correct complications from a primary breast augmentation, such as:

  • Capsular contracture
  • Ruptured implant
  • Implants uneven on chest wall
  • A desire to alter size, larger or smaller
  • “Bottoming out,” when implants are lower on the chest, with nipples too high.
  • Rippling, when silicone shell ripples are visible under the skin.
  • Symmastia, when the implant pockets have merged, creating the look of a single, wide breast.
  • Pain or discomfort
  • Uneven nipples

Your plastic surgeon in Palo Alto: Dr. Grace Graw

It can be disappointing to have undergone breast augmentation and have or develop dissatisfying results. When these situations occur, you want to be fully confident in your breast revision surgeon, and to finally achieve the breasts you have always wanted! Dr. Graw was educated at some of the world’s most acclaimed universities, including Johns Hopkins University, Harvard Medical School, and Stanford Hospital and Clinics, followed by direct tutelage from some of the world’s most respected plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. 

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Breast implant replacement: replace the old with the new.

You are unique, from your personality to your breasts, and every treatment plan is developed to resolve any aesthetic problem. If your breast implants are older, you may need to replace them with a breast revision surgery. Breast implants are designed to last for more than ten years, and many last far longer. If you have concerns about older implants, meet with Dr. Graw, who can examine the condition and advise you on a breast revision in Palo Alto. Your breast implant replacement allows you to make other changes, such as adding or reducing implant volume or a custom breast lift for a more comprehensive enhancement.

Breast revision surgery  restore your confidence in your body.

Her techniques, abilities, and dedication to excellence in surgical results makes her one of the most respected plastic surgeons in Palo Alto. As a mother of two young children, Dr. Graw also has a personal understanding of how body changes can affect a woman’s self-confidence. And, her focus is to help her patients restore the glow of confidence with a personalized treatment plan for breast revision surgery.

Your body and confidence go hand in hand.

Self-confidence comes from within, but if you were disappointed with the outcome of your prior breast augmentation, it affects how you feel about yourself. Dr. Graw is dedicated to helping women restore their confidence, in a safe space, free from judgment. Discover a plastic surgeon in Palo Alto who brings both top-level surgical skills and a woman’s perspective – the ideal combination for a safe and successful journey to confidence in your body.

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The surgery: 100 percent customized to your needs.

Every situation is different, and your surgical plan will reflect what needs to be accomplished to restore your breasts. Replacing implants typically involves incisions in the exact location of the original augmentation. A complication, such as capsular contracture, uneven breasts, rippling, or other issues, will require specific surgical techniques to resolve. 

One thing holds no matter what is needed: you can expect your procedure to be performed with the most advanced surgical techniques to resolve your aesthetic problem. This procedure is often more complex than the original augmentation and demands a higher skill level to achieve the best outcome possible. Dr. Graw performs breast revision surgeries servicing Palo Alto, Menlo Park, & Atherton.

Recovery time – what to expect?

You can expect a similar recovery time to the original augmentation. Swelling and discomfort are normal parts of the recovery process. Swelling with revision surgery may take longer to resolve than with primary surgery. For post-surgery discomfort, you will have a pain regimen prescribed to you by Dr. Graw, to keep you comfortable during the early stages of healing. 

Take all the time you need to rest and recover, and get help at home for the first day or two. As with your primary surgery, upper body motions such as heavy lifting or overstretching must be limited during the first couple weeks. You should feel back to yourself within 2 weeks, and able to return to work during that time.

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