Dr. Graw is a master of the sculpting techniques achieved with power-assisted liposuction, allowing her to perform body contouring with utmost precision, achieving superior results.

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A dedication to excellence in liposuction: Dr. Grace Graw, plastic surgeon

Dr. Graw was educated at the nation’s leading universities, including Johns Hopkins, Harvard Medical Schoo, and Stanford, followed by intensive training under world-renowned plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. Her experience, knowledge, and advanced liposuction techniques for body sculpting are beyond what you find at most plastic surgery practices. To Dr. Graw, liposuction is more than just removing fat, as most plastic surgeons have been trained to do in the United States. To her, liposuction is more about liposculpting—an art that creates contours and shadows where they belong.

A mother, plastic surgeon, and compassionate person.

As a mother of two young children herself, Dr. Graw understands the challenges women face regarding the female body, and the physical and mental changes that occur after pregnancy. She brings a different perspective and a passion for creating and revealing feminine curves and sculpted silhouettes, depending on your goals. Imagine being able to restore your body in the most natural way, and once again feeling sexy and confident! That is exactly what you can achieve with liposuction in Palo Alto at Graw Beauty.

360 Liposuction with Dr. Graw

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The benefits of liposuction

When liposuction is performed by a talented plastic surgeon with the most advanced techniques, the benefits include:

  • A narrowed waist
  • Removal of love handles to enhance the body’s feminine curves
  • Removal of fatty deposits on the lower back to enhance the buttocks
  • Removal of fat on the upper arms to better define your shoulder and arm muscles
  • Removal of fat on the upper thighs, or “saddle bags”
  • Transfer of the fat cells to other areas of the body, such as the breasts and/or buttocks, to achieve more proportionate curves

What can advanced liposuction do for me?

Dr. Graw delivers custom-tailored plans, specific to your aesthetic goals, helping you to achieve the optimal results you have envisioned for your body. Every person is unique, and thus, with Dr. Graw, every liposuction in Palo Alto, the body sculpting procedure is individualized.

This procedure can be thoroughly transformative. The most common comment from our patients is, “I wish I had done this sooner!” An added benefit of the procedure is the option to transfer the harvested fat cells to enhance your breasts or buttocks, creating a more feminine silhouette. 

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What is power assisted liposuction?

Older liposuction systems could not achieve the precision results of power-assisted liposuction. This system uses a vibrating cannula, that more easily releases fatty deposits, making them easier to extract, causing less trauma, and more precise results. This technique also allows for improved contouring and sculpting of the body. 360-liposuction – the power of precision body sculpting.

Dr. Graw’s signature 360-liposuction can help you achieve that ideal “hourglass” figure, sculpting the body with precision from the front, the sides, and the back. Often called “circumferential liposuction,” this technique involves removing fat around the entire lower abdomen, love handles, and lower back to help you achieve more proportionate curves. However, with Dr. Graw, this procedure does not only entail removing fat but sculpting the body, ultimately helping you achieve the curves and silhouette you desire.  

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Recovery time – what to expect?

The advanced liposuction treatments performed by Dr. Graw involve about a three-week recovery period. At two weeks, you can return to light activities, and at four weeks, you can increase your physical activities as much as is comfortable for you. During your healing time, you will see us for follow-up appointments to ensure you have an optimal recovery—at weeks one, two, four, and six, followed by appointments at months three, six, and finally, at one year. 

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Hi-definition liposculpting the ultimate body sculpting treatment.

Body contouring has reached a pinnacle with the development of hi-definition liposuction. Liposuction was once limited to treating larger areas of fat, and could not access harder to reach body areas successfully. With high-definition liposuction, you can sculpt your natural curves, revealing the muscle definition of your abdomen, back, upper arms, and thighs. For optimal body sculpting, your custom treatment plan may include high-definition liposculpting. If you are a good candidate, this treatment may help you achieve the following:

  • Improved chest contour
  • In males, enhancement of pectoralis definition
  • Definition of abdominal muscles
  • More proportionate curves and/or definition
  • Definition of back muscles
  • Definition of upper arms
  • Definition of thighs  

Learn More about Hi-Definition Liposculpting

A private body sculpting practice

When considering liposuction, you want to discuss your options in privacy, with a plastic surgeon who is collaborative, supportive, and understands how your body issues can impact self-confidence. At our private office suite in Palo Alto, we understand the need for privacy and discretion. As you may be about to embark on a life-altering experience, we are dedicated to delivering the most positive and comfortable experience possible.

A destination for discerning patients

Dr. Graw is known as the choice plastic surgeon for discerning patients who expect superior patient care, advanced techniques, and exquisite results. Every liposuction procedure is performed with precision and skill, with a unique aesthetic eye. Dr. Graw is geared towards creating the ultimate positive effect on one’s figure and self-confidence.

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Transform your figure with advanced liposuction at Graw Beauty.

Liposuction with Dr. Graw may be life-changing, in the best way. You may have avoided wearing certain clothing due to lack of confidence in the appearance of your body. However, after your procedure with Dr. Graw, you may want to show off your new figure and will exude self-confidence that previously did not exist. Imagine throwing on a dress, shorts, a bikini, or lingerie, and feeling confident and sexy  in your new body. Dr. Graw thinks there is nothing more rewarding than to see a patient’s transformation, both physically and mentally. 

Meet with us.

Connect with Graw Beauty today to schedule a consultation regarding custom body sculpting with liposuction. We are known for creating truly extraordinary results with Dr. Graw’s advanced techniques and unique eye for aesthetics. Dr. Graw performs liposuction servicing Palo Alto, Menlo Park, & Atherton.

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