An Extraordinary Education Coupled with Professional Experience

Dr. Graw gained her education at top U.S. universities, including Johns Hopkins, Harvard, and Stanford, followed by tutelage under the world leader in eyelid surgery in Palo Alto, Dr. Seung Kim. Her techniques, precision, and artist’s eye has led to a reputation for excellence in Asian blepharoplasty.

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Enhance the Beauty of Your Heritage with Asian Eyelid Surgery

People of Asian descent can have slightly thicker eyelid skin, or more fat immediately surrounding the eye, than some ethnic groups. Loose, or unstable attachment of the overlying eyelid skin to the underlying deeper tissues may occur. The end result of these unique structural issues is why some Asian eyelids do not form the crease that allows for double eyelid folds found in other ethnic groups.

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Brighter eyes: Asian eyelid surgery in Palo Alto

Often times, individuals who seek this surgery describe a heavy, tired appearance to their eyes. Creation of a double eyelid crease leaves one’s eyes appearing brighter and more energized. 

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How Does Asian Eyelid Surgery Work?

Asain eyelid surgery in Palo Alto must be customized to match the individual's condition. More than one technique is available, and after examining your eyes and speaking with you, Dr. Graw can advise you about the best Asian eyelid surgery for your case.

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Types of Asian eyelid surgeries

Incision with suture fixation technique (Gold Standard)

An incision is placed in the eyelid skin to create the crease in a natural position that fits your face. This incision also allows Dr. Graw to correct issues such as removing excess skin and/or fat, if required. This surgery takes about 1.5-2 hours to complete, depending on the extent of surgery required. The location and manner of securing the crease is the most critical point in creating the ideal outcome. Every detail will be discussed with you, and Dr. Graw will work closely with you to ensure you achieve the results you envision.

“Incision-less” technique

Some surgeons may offer an “incision-less” technique. This approach involves pinching the eyelid skin and securing it with sutures to create a fold in the desired location. Though it is a faster technique, and more appealing due to the less invasive nature of the procedure, the technique is not as durable and precise, often times creating sub-par results. As such, Dr. Graw strongly recommends the incision with suture fixation technique to achieve optimal outcomes.

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Crease Location in Asian Eyelid Surgery

The eyelid crease can be placed in several locations: high, low, or where a natural crease would appear. A higher crease creates a more dramatic look. A lower crease creates a more subtle look. Dr. Graw is an advocate of placing the crease where it should naturally lie, so as to achieve an optimal aesthetic appearance, preventing any “tell-tale” signs of surgery.

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