Dr. Grace Graw Offers Advanced Facial Fat Grafting Techniques

Facial fat grafting may be an added procedure in a facelift, eyelid lift, or any other procedure. Your own natural fat cells are recognized by your body, with a percentage of the cells becoming integrated into your facial structure. Facial fat grafting has an added benefit, as adipose (fat) cells can trigger natural soft tissue regeneration, providing volumization. 

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Why Choose Us?

Dr. Graw has had a remarkable educational journey, and was educated at Johns Hopkins, Harvard Medical School, and Stanford. She then advanced her skills under the tutelage of leaders in facial plastic surgery in Beverly Hills and facial guru, Dr. Seung Kim. Her warmth of character, meticulous surgical skills, and eye for aesthetics has led to a growing reputation as the best plastic surgeon for discerning patients in Palo Alto and the rest of the Bay Area.

Precision Sculpting

Dr. Graw, in performing fat transfer, sculpts when harvesting fat cells. Many other surgeons simply remove and transfer fat without taking advantage of the opportunity to sculpt the figure while removing fat for transfer. She performs custom body sculpting, a different approach from just fat grafting. She brings true artistry and technique to every procedure.

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Natural Fat Grafting with Power-assisted Liposuction

When harvesting fat cells, Dr. Graw uses power-assisted liposuction, which creates smooth contours without the irregularities associated with older methods. The sculpting step brings a dramatic addition to the fat transfer procedure. The specialized cannula used in the procedure preserves the integrity of the fat cells, far superior to other traumatic techniques. 

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Facial fat transfer is a three-step process. 

  • Step one: Fat cells are carefully harvested with gentle liposuction. Your preference in liposuction site will be discussed in detail with Dr. Graw at your consultation.
  • Step two: The harvested fat cells are purified with a specialized process.
  • Step three: The fat cells are loaded into a syringe and injected to smooth away lines, creases, or restore lost volume.

This is an outpatient procedure, and once complete, you will return home for your recovery. For optimal results, you may need more than one treatment. 

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Fat grafting for body enhancement

You can find out more about our advanced fat grafting techniques to enhance your breasts or buttocks, as Dr. Graw specializes in liposculpting and fat transfer to these regions (i.e., natural breast augmentation and Brazilian butt lifts), as well as facial fat grafting.

With a power-assisted liposuction system, Dr. Graw can create a more feminine, slender body contour or a sculpted silhouette, depending on your preference, as a major benefit of transferring fat cells.

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Recovery time from facial fat transfer

The recovery time may take two to three weeks. Swelling and bruising are normal, affecting the sites on your face and the extraction sites on your body. Keep your head elevated to help limit swelling. By the end of the second week, most swelling and bruising is gone. 

How to speed your recovery

You can recover more quickly by following certain rules. Don’t touch or massage your face, sleep on your back, avoid strenuous activities of all types, hydrate, and eat healthy fats and proteins, such as almonds, avocados, fish, among other foods.

Is Facial Fat Grafting Better Than Dermal Fillers?

Facial fillers can create exceptional results, but the fillers will be slowly absorbed by your body, and you will need regular injections to maintain your look. With facial fat grafting, the fat cells become part of your body, and the fat cells that survive the transfer (which is typically anywhere from 50-80%) keep your soft tissue volumized for longer-lasting results. 

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Restore Lost Facial Volume, The Natural Way

When you need to restore lost volume beneath your eyes, enhance your cheeks, smooth your jowl creases, and/or correct a hollowed facial appearance, nothing is more natural than restoring volume with your own fat cells. While facial fat grafting costs more than filler, over time, it may cost less than undergoing annual dermal filler injections.

Added benefits of facial fat transfer

Fat cells are rich in stem cells, which trigger natural rejuvenation in skin quality. Furthermore, the donor area on your body is contoured when the fat cells are harvested for the procedure – a perfect combination treatment.

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