What is a midface lift?

The loss of collagen, elastin, and facial fat affects the cheeks and beneath the eyes, leaving a fatigued, hollow look that no face creams or makeup can hide. A midface lift elevates the natural fat pad at the cheeks, called the “malar fat pad,” to restore fullness. This surgery may be the ideal treatment for those who are experiencing sunken under-eyes and sagging cheek tissues.

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What is the procedure? Elevate your look with a custom midface lift.

A midface lift is an advancement in aesthetic surgery and can be performed as a standalone treatment, or in combination with other facial procedures. The surgery takes about an hour or 90 minutes to complete. An incision is placed beneath the lower eyelids, through which Dr. Graw meticulously repositions the fat pad, creating a youthful, smooth contour from beneath the eyes to the upper cheeks, and softening smile lines. 

The elevated tissues are delicately secured, and excess sagging skin may be removed for a smooth, youthful look. Every person has a unique facial structure, and when performed by Dr. Graw, the surgical plan for a midface lift is 100 percent customized. For some patients, a midface lift may be performed through an incision at the hairline and around the ears, laparoscopically lifting and securing sagging cheek tissues.

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Rejuvenate your midface region for a fresh, natural enhancement that lasts.

The results of a midface lift can last ten to fifteen years. Many patients undergo a combination of surgeries for a more comprehensive level of facial rejuvenation and may have a facelift to address the lower facial area, a midface lift, or an eyelift to address sagging eyelids.

Is a midface lift right for me?

Candidates for a midface lift are living with several signs of facial aging, including:

  • The face has developed a sunken look
  • The under-eye area looks gaunt
  • The natural cheek fat has drifted lower on the face

If you are in good general health, and safe to undergo surgery, you are likely a good candidate for this delicate procedure.

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What should I expect in the recovery from a midface lift?

The recovery from a midface lift takes one to two weeks. The process of healing is typically fast and reasonably comfortable to experience. It is normal to experience some swelling and bruising in the first few days, peaking at day three. Sleep with your head elevated, on your back, and follow all aftercare instructions. Avoid any strenuous physical activities for several weeks to allow the tissues to heal and settle into place. You should feel ready to reveal your refreshed look within about ten days. As the incisions are hidden in the eyelash line, any surgical scars fade to being virtually invisible.

Why choose Dr. Graw?

Dr. Grace Graw achieved her medical degree at Harvard, followed by a residency at Stanford. She then advanced her impressive skills with fellowship training, where she learned groundbreaking surgical techniques from world-renowned plastic surgeons.

Beyond her impressive skills, personalized approach, and focus on achieving the most natural-looking outcome, Dr. Graw is a warm, caring individual who practices the art of plastic surgery with integrity. 

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