Imagine yourself feeling confident, wearing sleeveless tops, with your upper arms slender and toned. Medically called a “Brachioplasty,” arm lift surgery can create a slender appearance to the arms by removing loose skin that will never disappear with any amount of diet or exercise. And, for those who desire sculpted definition in the arms, Dr. Graw can perform adjunctive liposculpting techniques.

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Elegant upper arms – Palo Alto Brachioplasty surgeon

The look of slender, toned upper arms can be naturally appealing. The female body is programmed to store fat in various areas, including the upper arms. Fat or saggy skin on the upper arms is a common aesthetic concern for women. It can be virtually impossible to resolve this aesthetic problem with diet and exercise. 

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Transform your life experience with an arm lift.

A brachioplasty in Palo Alto with Dr. Graw in Palo Alto can be transformative. Forget pinching that stubborn arm fat and wishing it would disappear, or posing for pictures with your hands on your hips to avoid making your arms look big! Imagine feeling confident in sleeveless wear. With the help of Dr. Graw, you can achieve a result that is elegant and refined.

Advanced techniques mean superior results

Dr. Graw is a very accomplished plastic surgeon, educated at Johns Hopkins, Harvard Medical School, and Stanford University, followed by hands-on tutelage from the world leaders of plastic surgery in Beverly Hills. Her advanced techniques produce results that are beyond the ordinary.

The combination of her surgical techniques, including liposculpting, and the precise removal of excess skin and tissue, creates a very natural-looking appearance.

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Is an arm lift right for me?

If you want to live your life with slender, toned arms, this operation may be ideal for you.

Benefits include the following:

  • Removes excess skin (age-related or post-weight loss)
  • Removes excess fat from upper arms
  • Enhances arm contour
  • Creates a toned look to the arms
  • Brings out refinement and definition of the upper arms for a slender appearance

How is an arm lift performed?

When under the care of Dr. Graw, your arm lift in Palo Alto, will be 100% customized. Each individual is different, and a variety of techniques could be used:

  • Short-scar arm lift: This technique is ideal for women with minimal excess skin, mostly concentrated along the inner section of the upper arm. The incision is placed within the armpit for minimal scarring. 
  • Limited incision arm lift: For those with a moderate level of sagging skin on the upper arms, an incision can be placed from the armpit to the center of the underside of the upper arm. 
  • Traditional arm lift surgery: This procedure is appropriate for those who have achieved dramatic weight loss or are experiencing age-related sagging skin and tissue on the upper arms. The incision extends from the armpit to the elbow, on the underside of the arm. Special incision patterns make it possible to limit the visibility of surgical scars.
  • Extended arm lift: An extended arm lift includes removing skin and tissue along the upper arms, as well as around the armpit and sides of the chest wall. The incision will extend from the elbow, across the armpit, and along the side of the chest wall.
  • Arm liposuction/liposculpting: Each one of these procedures can be performed with Dr. Graw specialized liposuction techniques to further define and sculpt your arms.
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We invite you to discover Graw Beauty in Palo Alto, the premier plastic surgery center for discerning patients who seek superior results with a concierge-like service. We look forward to discussing and developing a customized treatment plan for your arm lift servicing Palo Alto, Menlo Park & Atherton to fit your personal needs. 

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