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What Can a Brow Lift Do for My Look?

A brow lift can dramatically, but subtly enhance your facial appearance. Horizontal creases on your forehead, on the upper nose bridge, and frown lines are smoothed. Excessive tissue is removed to correct a heavy forehead, your eyebrows are restored to a youthful position, and your eyelids are gently lifted. The result is a look that is more open, friendly, and well-rested. 

How is a Brow Lift Performed?

The technique employed in a brow lift will be a direct reflection of your individual condition. 

The technique will be selected to achieve the result you envision based on your skin quality, age, and other considerations. All methods involve incisions, but the length of the incisions varies based on the corrections to the skin and tissue needed.

What are the Types of Brow Lifts?

Endoscopic brow lift

For many patients, the procedure can be performed endoscopically – which allows for smaller incisions, and, therefore a faster recovery. An endoscope is inserted through a short incision within the hairline. Your surgeon can view the muscles, tissue, and fat on a monitor, reposition or remove tissue, or re-anchor the tissues higher on the forehead structure. This technique offers reduced recovery time and minimal surgical scarring.

Classic lift

For other patients, it may be necessary to be more comprehensive in the surgical approach, with a classic brow lift, referred to as a temporal brow lift or open brow lift. This procedure corrects an overly high forehead when the incision is placed along the hairline. In other cases, the incision is placed within the hairline. Excess skin is removed, and the forehead is lifted to the ideal position.

Limited incision brow lift

This approach combines endoscopic and traditional surgical techniques. It may be appropriate for those who want to smooth a portion of their forehead creases while lifting a portion of their brows.

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What Should I Expect with a Brow Lift Recovery?

After a brow lift in Palo Alto, you will need some recovery time. Longer incisions require more healing time, and you will need the sutures removed in about one week. It is expected that you will have some swelling and bruising, which is normal.

You will be provided with aftercare instructions, and we will be meeting with you several times in follow-up appointments to check on your progress. You will be required to avoid heavy lifting or any vigorous physical activities until given the okay by Dr. Graw. You will need to sleep  with your head elevated, and take dedicated time to rest, heal, and restore. 

Education beyond the ordinary – Dr. Grace Graw.

When you are under the care of Dr. Graw, you will have the benefit of being treated by a plastic surgeon who has dedicated years to her education at Johns Hopkins, Harvard Medical School, Stanford University, and under the tutelage of some of the most venerated facial plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. 

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