Customized Body Contouring with Dr. Graw

It is common to be left with extra skin and tissue that needs to be removed in order to achieve that ultimate body you have worked so hard for. “Body contouring” is the general term for these procedures, and can refer to procedures pertaining to the arms, breasts, trunk, buttocks, and legs. With Dr. Graw, body contouring will be 100% customized to the individual, addressing each concern you may have.

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The right surgeon matters. Why choose Dr. Graw?

Despite losing significant weight, you may feel you have loose, extra skin that doesn’t seem to snap back around your new, underlying figure. This skin is typically stretched to the point where no amount of diet or exercise can resolve it, and only surgical intervention can be effective. Dr. Graw has extraordinary expertise in body contouring in Palo Alto and has trained with international gurus at Stanford University and Beverly Hills, CA. 

Artistry + advanced skills = superior results.

Dr. Graw further honed her considerable skills under the tutelage of some of the most acclaimed plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. Her refined skills, precision approach, and meticulous attention to detail produce exceptional results – a sleeker, sexier version of your body that fits your natural appearance. 

What can body contouring do?

  • Remove excess skin that no amount of diet, exercise, and/or machine can treat
  • Lift areas such as the arms, breasts, abdomen, back, buttocks, and thighs
  • Reveal the underlying body that you have worked so hard to achieve
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Your ideal figure with body contouring 

You have already endured an effortful journey to weight loss, but one last step remains that can make a drastic difference in your confidence. If you were left with loose, hanging skin and tissue, you likely still feel the need to camouflage your figure with loose clothing and may hesitate to consider wearing anything revealing or form-fitting. Imagine being able to show off your new body in that elegant sleeveless top, glamorous dress, sexy swimsuit, and sporty yoga pants–it’s a whole new confidence.

That is the beauty of Dr. Graw’s personalized body contouring in Palo Alto – enhancing your raw silhouette and feeling confident and proud in it.

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How long does it take to recover from body contouring in Palo Alto?

The full recovery time will vary depending on the type of procedure(s) performed. Some people may need an arm lift or a breast lift, others a tummy tuck or a thigh lift, and some a combination of the above procedures. In most cases, the general recovery time is about three to six weeks, with the final result taking about one year. 

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What to Expect from Your Body Contouring

Consultation with Dr. Graw

  • Discuss your areas of concern.
  • Full body examination.
  • Detailed discussion of options.
  • Develop a personalized plan.
  • Decide on single or multiple stages of surgery.

Preparation for Surgery

  • Pre-operative visits and necessary tests.
  • Receive a detailed post-surgery instruction packet.

Day of Surgery

  • Dr. Graw performs body markings.
  • Undergo anesthesia by professional MD anesthesiologists.
  • Surgery performed by Dr. Graw and her team.

Post-Surgery Care

  • Recovery in the unit with skilled nurses and physicians.
  • Dr. Graw checks in before discharge and provides instructions.
  • An evening follow-up call from Dr. Graw.
  • The first post-operative visit is scheduled.
  • Ongoing support from Dr. Graw and her staff for any questions or concerns.

Dr. Graw offers body contouring surgeries in Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and Atherton.

Transform your life experience.

All surgical incisions create scars. However, Dr. Graw is very careful to place scars in the least visible locations, usually hidden within normal clothing wear.  Dr. Graw wants you to enjoy the full benefit of your commitment to better health, and the joy of living and confidence that comes with it!

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