Dr. Grace Graw your thigh lift specialist.

Dr. Grace Graw is a highly-talented plastic surgeon who uses the most advanced techniques in thigh lift surgery. For a result that transforms your thighs – and your confidence – you deserve treatment from a plastic surgeon who is known for achieving exceptional results, and thighs that look firm, fit, and sculpted, to achieve the perfect balance for your figure. 

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Why choose Graw Beauty for a thigh lift in Palo Alto?

The skills, experience, and education of your plastic surgeon can make a significant difference in the outcome of a thigh lift. Dr. Graw was educated at Johns Hopkins, Harvard Medical School, and Stanford, as well as under the tutelage of world leaders in plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, CA, long known as the “mecca” of plastic surgery. 

You are in great hands with Dr. Graw for a custom thigh lift in Palo Alto

Women and their bodies – we get it.

As a mother of two young children, Dr. Graw has a real-world understanding of the challenges women face with the body changes that come with having children. Age-related problems with the thigh structure can impact self-confidence, and leave you with fewer options in clothing. Imagine the difference when you can wear short skirts, shorts, or swimming suits with total confidence! It can be transformative. 

What can a thigh lift do?

  • Restore the lifted, firm look of youthful thighs
  • Rejuvenate thighs that appear saggy, dimpled, and/or flabby
  • Create a classic balance between upper body and thighs
  • Reduce excess skin and fat
  • Smooth thigh skin
  • Treat excess skin and tissue left after a dramatic weight loss
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What is the surgery like to experience?

A thigh lift is a custom procedure, with the surgical plan reflecting the issues of the individual, whether skin, fat, or both. You will undergo markings by Dr. Graw before your surgery. These markings will provide a roadmap for her during her surgery and are the most important part of the surgical process.

The surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia. Once anesthesia is administered and you are ready for surgery, your operation will begin. The incision pattern selected is chosen to resolve your aesthetic concerns, using Dr. Graw’s available armamentarium techniques. The thighs are then sculpted, reshaped, and tightened. Custom liposuction is often administered to create the most exceptional and balanced outcome.

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Recovery time – how long is the downtime after a thigh lift?

At the end of your operation, your legs will be placed in a special compression garment to help with contouring and to limit post-surgery swelling. Take the time to rest and heal. Plan to move around very gently to avoid putting any stress on the incisions. In approximately two weeks, you may start to return to light activities.

We guide you through your recovery.

You can stay comfortable with the help of Dr. Graw’s prescribed medication regimen during the initial stages of your recovery. You should be able to see the initial results of your thigh sculpting surgery at the end of the first week, when the swelling begins to decrease. For four to six weeks,  you must avoid vigorous exercise to prevent any wound healing problems. Most people return to work at about two to three weeks from the surgical date. At Graw Beauty, we will see you several times for follow-up appointments, and will be closely monitoring your progress to best optimize your results. 

Connect with us for a consultation.

Dr. Graw performs thigh lifts servicing Palo Alto, Menlo Park & Atherton. She is committed to achieving superior surgical results and can meet with you to discuss your personal aesthetic goals. During your thorough discussion, she will answer all your questions and concerns about thighplasty in Palo Alto. We are here to help you feel supported on your journey toward regaining self-confidence in the figure you have always wanted to achieve.

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