Dr. Graw face and neck liposuction expert.

Dr. Grace Graw has dedicated years of her life to achieve her current skills and talents, studying at Johns Hopkins, Harvard Medical School, Stanford, and under the tutelage of world leaders in facial surgery in Beverly Hills. She uses advanced facial and neck liposuction techniques to help her patients achieve their personal aesthetic vision. 

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What can face and neck liposuction do?

Facial and neck liposuction gently and precisely removes excess fat from the jawline and neck, in order to create a more elegant appearance. Your journey begins with a private consultation at our plastic surgery offices in Palo Alto. Dr. Graw will examine your face and neck, and candidly speak with you about what can be done to create a more refined facial appearance, whether facial and/or neck liposuction or other procedure. Facial and neck liposuction can treat the following aesthetic issues:

  • Fatty deposits along your jawline
  • Fat beneath your chin
  • Neck fat, distorting the border between your chin and neck

Neck liposuction

Many people are genetically programmed to store fat on the neck, whether centrally, on the sides, or both. This fat may bother you, and you dream of having a slimmer, more refined appearance to your neck, free from excess fat. Neck liposuction can solve this issue, with the fat cells, once removed, gone forever.

Double chin removal with facial liposuction

A double chin can give the impression that you are heavier, or older than you are – but can be resolved with custom liposuction. The under-chin fat can be gently removed, restoring the slender definition associated with youth and vitality.

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What to expect

Facial and neck liposuction is an outpatient procedure and must be performed with the highest level of precision and attention to detail. If you have good skin elasticity, this may be the ideal treatment to create the look you envision for yourself. 

Depending on areas that are treated, you may undergo general anesthesia. The area to be treated will then be numbed with local anesthesia. A slim extraction cannula will then be placed carefully within micro, stealth incisions, and fat cells will be gently removed, ensuring optimal contouring of the region. Once complete, you will recover in the recovery unit, and then  return home to rest and recover. 

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Recovery time after facial and neck liposuction

The recovery time can vary person to person, but you should feel well enough to return to your usual activities within a week to ten days. Swelling and bruising are normal but fade within the first couple weeks. Avoid all strenuous activities for a week, so that you allow yourself adequate time to heal, after which you can fully enjoy your newly refined appearance.

Connect with us for a consultation.

We invite you to connect with us and schedule a consultation. Dr. Graw has an impeccable background, along with a unique aesthetic eye, and will fully answer all your questions with the information you need to transform your look.

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