About Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a cosmetic surgery that involves liposuction to remove fat from specific body areas, such as the abdomen, thighs, or flanks, and then transferring that fat to the buttocks to enhance their shape and size. 

  • Average Cost: $15,000 to $25,200
  • Discomfort Level: Moderate
  • Typical Recovery Period: 3-4 weeks
  • Anesthesia Options: Local, General, or IV Sedation

Not everyone inherits a classically proportioned figure. Some may have a smaller, flatter butt, while others may have a “muffin-top.” Each body is different. Narrowing your waist and enhancing your buttocks does not need to be an exaggerated look. And, at Graw Beauty, a butt augmentation in Palo Alto, is performed as a customized plan that you and Dr. Graw have thoroughly discussed. 

Not only does Dr. Graw have an impeccable background, she is also gifted with an aesthetic eye and a special attention to detail. Brazilian butt lifts have been associated with potential health risks, however, Dr. Graw has been specifically trained in using safe techniques to minimize these risks.  Her advanced skills in liposculpting and groundbreaking fat grafting techniques have made Graw Beauty recognized for achieving exceptional results in Brazilian butt lifts.  

What are the benefits of a Brazilian butt lift?

A custom Brazilian butt lift in Palo Alto, performed by Dr. Graw, can achieve a remarkable physical enhancement, including the following:

  • More feminine curves, specifically defining the waist from the hips and the lower back from the buttocks
  • Sexier, more proportionate silhouette
  • Enhance areas of your body using your own fat cells–it is all your own tissue
  • Improve areas of cellulite 

A customized appearance, depending on your aesthetic ideal: 

  • A shapely, hourglass figure
  • A classically feminine figure
  • A sculpted, athletic figure
  • Restored confidence
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Why choose us?

Plastic surgeons vary in experience, education, and techniques. Dr. Grace Graw was educated at world-class institutions: the Johns Hopkins University, Harvard Medical School, and Stanford Hospital and Clinics. Additionally, she has worked closely with some of the most internationally revered plastic surgeons of Beverly Hills. As a mother of two, she has a profound understanding of the female experience, and has created an empowering, supportive atmosphere at her Palo Alto office suite. Her impeccable results, discretion, and dedication to achieving superior results has led to her reputation as the ideal plastic surgeon for discerning clientele throughout the Bay Area.

What does a BBL entail? 

A BBL operation entails several steps. As it involves transferring fat cells from one body area to the buttocks, step one is to determine the donor site. The fat cells can be harvested from wherever you may have “problem areas,” which can include the arms, side chest, belly, back, and thighs, among other areas. The fat cell extraction process is performed with specific liposuction techniques to preserve the fat cells for transfer. Rather than just removing the fat, as do many plastic surgeons in the United States, Dr. Graw uses this opportunity to sculpt  the body, using her artistic expertise.

What is a Petite BBL?

A “petite BBL,” or “mini-BBL,” can be performed to create a subtle enhancement of your hips and/or buttocks. Like the BBL, it involves custom liposculpting of the waist and lower back, and fat transfer to the buttocks. However, this procedure creates a look that is subtle with just enough enhancement that appears natural. 

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The BBL process, step-by-step

  • Before your operation, Dr. Graw will mark areas to be sculpted on your body, as well as areas to be enhanced. This allows for Dr. Graw to have a road map for the body sculpting and fat extraction process. You will then be taken care of by our amazing nursing staff and Stanford anesthesiologists.
  • Dr. Graw will make several <1-cm incisions in areas that will best be hidden, as discussed before your surgery. She then performs her meticulous liposculpting techniques, in addition to gentle fat harvesting processes.
  • The harvested fat cells are processed and purified with a specialized medical process.
  • The harvested fat cells are then transferred to the hip and/or buttock regions with precision, achieving the unique aesthetic vision of the patient, as discussed with Dr. Graw before the surgery. The enhancement can be either subtle or dramatic, depending on the patient’s aesthetic ideal. In every case, a slight overfill is necessary, as about 50-80% of the fat eventually survives.
  • Dr. Graw will then place you in contouring foam pieces and a compression garment to help with post-operative contouring and decreasing swelling.

Your recovery.after your Brazilian butt lift

Discomfort described as “burning pain” due to natural nerve disruption during liposuction can be expected at your sites of liposuction, along with muscle soreness.

Dr. Graw is a strong believer in the multi-modal management of post-operative pain. As such, before your operation, she will prescribe you a specialized regimen of pain medication in order for you to stay as comfortable as possible after your operation. 

During the first two weeks, you will wear custom contouring foam pieces that Dr. Graw has specifically made for your body. This is to help with contouring and to decrease initial swelling. As well, you will be wearing a medical compression garment to reduce swelling, expediting your recovery. The compression garment will be worn for 4 weeks continuously, and then 4 weeks at night. On days 3-5, Dr. Graw will also have you start lymphatic massage therapy, which also tremendously helps with both contouring and swelling. 

During the first six weeks, you must avoid any pressure on your buttocks, including sitting or lying on your back. You will be provided a special “booty pillow” to offload the pressure from your bottom if you need to sit or lie on your back. You should feel back to normal and able to return to light physical activities in about a week, and if you work, return after about two weeks. It is very important to remember that the results do not solely depend on the operation itself, but also on the postoperative care, which is a true partnership between you and Dr. Graw.

Dr. Graw performs Brazilian butt lift surgeries servicing Palo Alto, Menlo Park, & Atherton.

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The natural way to enhance your butt: Brazilian butt lift

The first week, you will experience the most swelling. After that, swelling will begin to resolve. During weeks 2-4, the majority of your swelling and bruising will be gone. At the one-month mark, you are 80% to your final results. At the three-month mark, you are about 95% there. This is the point where you can have a good idea of what your final result will be. The remaining 5% will take up to one year after your surgery, at which point all residual swelling is gone, and the fat cells are fully integrated into the natural structure of your buttocks.

Am I a good candidate for a BBL?

If you feel that your body is disproportionate in terms of fat distribution, you are likely a good candidate. For example, you may have excess fat at your waist and a square-shaped bottom. A BBL works extremely well for these cases, as you may see a drastic transformation with redistributing your fat. You should also be in good general health and at a stable weight.

How long before I can sit down on my newly-rounded butt?

It is important that you do not put pressure on your buttocks, so the maximum number of fat cells can become integrated into the butt structure. You will need to avoid sitting for six weeks. However, a specialized pillow can allow you to sit comfortably during the recovery process. You will find that the few weeks of waiting are well worth it, as your new, sexy silhouette awaits you.

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